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Pro fixed matches

Pro fixed matches
shit 22:04 told 1x2 soccer tips ya, fake comeback 22:04 How much ESL paying to lootbet scripters?

1x2 soccer tips I think that displayed bet slips (in paper form) isn t valid. 19:35 Ofc Thriwing my money against shit guns again.

Thanks a lot guys 19:50 1-1 typical lootbet script trade map picks 19:53 Meh 2-0 nip, sprout look fucking awful 20:01 Couldve been 2-0 sprut but k 20:02 spiidi and denis are so braindead go disband 20:10. 13:28, niP is absolute dogshit. D 21: fucking german inferno trash 21:16 keep peaking smokes to get picked apart. 19:30 fixed matches 100 sure sprout is really losing that by their own fucking mistakes 19:31 ive bet on sprout map1, but they play so bad that i hope nip wins 19:31 denis? 10:13, sprout.5 maps advantage odd.40 is a good bet imo 10:39 lol i tought odds was gonna be higher well bet all in on sprout then 10:50 nip win odds @1.6-1.7 Sprout.5 @1.5.

Today soccer betting tips

RIP 02:31 I want to see syrson with genuine fixed matches Tabsen 11:04 syrson and k1to to big pls 17:35 Login or register to add your comment to the discussion.

PRO, fixed, bets: Betting Tips Predictions apk.0 (2) xedmatches free for your Android, include latest and all previous versions. Police say clubs involved include Pro Patria, Barletta, Brindisi, LAquila, Neapolis Mugnano, Torres, Vigor-Lamezia, Santarcangelo, Sorrento, Montalto, Puteolana, Akragas and San Severo. Daily double Sprout.5 and vitality win @1.97 12:37, niP u cant lose to this!

19:30 lose 4vs2 lose 2vs1 with 1 sec left xDDD Round over - Winner: T (15 - 12) - Enemy eliminated twist killed k1to with awp (headshot) k1to killed f0rest with ak47 (headshot) twist killed syrsoN with awp k1to killed. Nuke and inferno gg izi 19:42 Denis had a brainfart in that last round definitely, cuz why the fuck would u go check underpass with your back turned, holy cow thats stupid 19:44 Sprout lost to 182827 mistakes. 19:27 Round over - Winner: CT (14 - 12) - Bomb defused Spiidi defused the bomb denis killed twist with ak47 (headshot) denis killed f0rest with ak47 f0rest killed k1to with ak47 denis killed REZ with ak47 (headshot) f0rest. 10/-10-12 21:11 3-0 4v2 5v3 (4v2) 3-6 my eyes are bleeding 21:12 denis perfect flank and did the worst outcome out of it lmfao 21:13 sprouuuut wake UP plzzz 21:14 sprout what a shitty team 21:15 Jesus this. 19:37 Lose 5vs2 Lose 1vs1 1 sec left Lose full eco Lose 5vs2 Lose 1vs1 1 sec left Lose full eco Lose 5vs2 Lose 1vs1 1 sec left Lose full eco Lose 5vs2 Lose 1vs1. 18:35, fun fact the last 11 bo3s that Sprout played were over 2,-10-11 22:01 2-0 sprout like last time lol 22:04.

What is catch with the following service? Secure fixed matches the best today soccer betting tips, betting predictions 12, soccer free tips, fixed matches and so on! Thanks man 21:21 Maybe if sprout turn into plant they win something 21:22 finally won a round after 9 round rofl sprout disband 21:22 What a shitty move nip 21:23 Now choke time from nip 21:24 How can handsome Denis be such a bot man.

Okay 21:05 sprout such a braindead team 21:05 Sprout so trash so trash 21:06 denis keeps on delivering 0 frags in important rounds :D 21:10 How the fuck did you win 16-4? Trust me, easiest.73 odds ever 18:19 NIP gogo boys! Jeez 19:24 such a braindead team 19:24 Nice jump spidi retard 19:25 Syka naxyi ti prigaew yebok 19:24 Instead of 13 - 13 now 16 - 11 GG 19:24 Sprout are absolute low iq Lul topbet fixed matches 19:24 german shits. They are losing unlosable rounds 19:29 I can't really believe in pro counter strike anymore, how can sprout be so dumb? I had him on every new Swedish powerhouse team, and he looks like garbage now wtf 05:37, nah, he looks nice.

Find, buy amazing fixed games and fixed

21:03 can anyone tell me, what's the pita's role in this team as a coach? Disband get_right and team is now Real shit.

To find fixed matches requires time, money and trust. 22:03 Wow that must be heartbreaking 22:03 Nooooi Vnt If we had not losen silly rounds on CT side or if we won the TR pistol we would win 22:03 Fake comebacks are so stressful for both sides man 22:04 Why F0rest wear Lekr0's tshirt? If Sprout play like they did against Vitality its gonna be a 2-0 09:08 #ProudToBeSprout 2-0 sprout wins 09:53, you will be fine running a team without a proper IGL, but need to be backup by a good coach.

17:58 k1to 50 bomb/ rape is real/ #gok1to 18:07 if u legit bet on Sprout i feel bad for you, nip wont lose. More than 50 people were arrested fixed games in Italy on Tuesday and more than 70 placed under investigation as part of a widespread match-fixing inquiry led by anti-Mafia prosecutors in the southern town of Catanzaro. 21:56 Shitip lose in ot confirmed 21:58 classic fake comeback 21:59 sprout will lose my dad works for esport betting mafia 21:59 please choke i wanna watch vitality 22:00 why, quick 32-0 for vita. They had info fixed games about ladder but Round over - Winner: T (15 - 12) - Enemy eliminated twist killed k1to with awp pro fixed matches (headshot) k1to killed f0rest with ak47 (headshot) twist killed syrsoN with awp k1to killed Lekr0 with ak47 (headshot). Pita and lekro pls die brainless cunts 20:20 GJ Nippels :D ty for lose nuke 20:20 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242 #242.

HT-FT, pRO, fixed, bets: Betting Tips Predictions.0 apk

F0rest has to carry these bots at s minda soccer fixed matches sad and soccer fixed matches awesome for him at the same time.

Fixed games are among the most wanted thing in the betting circuss. Catanzaro prosecutors allegedly have uncovered a network between footballers, coaches, club presidents and management members involving more than 30 clubs. 20:33 they arent even trying 20:33 should've been 2-0 for sprout inferno will be clown fiesta 20:33. Is that rly the way I lost my fucking money?

Lol 21:27 Noooooow nip will lose, okay 21:28 Just imagine that NiP throw that lead 21:29 Denis coming through 21:30 denis and spiidi need to play more pugs, they are so off individually 21:31 Ofc you need. Nothing in paypal picked nuke 20:29 Sprout will Choke from 14-4 wait and See 20:29 nip actually kinda bad when twist isnt overperforming lol 20:29 Ya think? Football fixed tips, date: (Wednesday league: germany: Regionalliga Nordost. 22:09 Feelsbadman for syrson always trying hard to carry his team 22:11 Sprout always mess up the last rounds. 21:16 sure matches dennis again and again yesterday and to day.

Matches, crew - Home

50/50 on overpass nuke.

Today soccer betting tips. 19:05 nip so fucking bad at pistols lmao 19:06 Nip t side lul ez comeback 19:06 how is denis a pro player? 22:04 Ty free cash! He does literally nothing 21:04 4 vs 2 and 4 vs 2 OK 21:04 Losing unloseable rounds.

21:16 ESL Pro League america fixed matches Season 10 Europe ESL Pro League Season 10 ESL Pro League Season ESL Pro League ESL Pro Pro @ this 21:17 Every match the same shit get a Sport Psychologist 21:17 is this the worst CT side ever? They match prediction 100 sure could easily loose to a rank 80 team as they are right now. I knew they whouldent lose vs sprout 22:05 rush b in last round LUL 22:05 NiP srsly throw that -2.5 handicap from :07 such a sick ass comeback to lose in the assic 22:08 NiP luckers! Why even take him back after he left, shooting in their own foot lmao 21:56 Twist sitting on a site every round and nobody tells him that he's absolutely useless there?

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